Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun with the fluffy one

Today's adventure involves some fun photos with our old man, Bentley.

He was surprisingly pretty calm in these shots... usually when the camera lens gets too close to him, he'll flinch or move out of the way (probably because the camera is almost as big as he is). Then when it clicks or flashes, he flinches again. I imagine it is something like the dreaded air puff machine at the optometrist's office...

Sleepy time:

Pretty at the park:

Big smile:

Big kiss:

Sabine St. Bridge:

Nice mohawk:

Morning or evening? You decide:

We are probably going to take a small break from any Bentley pics since he needs a bath first... he's starting to turn a dark shade of eggshell. I did get his annual Halloween costume already though - so I can't wait for his trick or treat photo shoot soon!

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