Monday, November 16, 2009

Bentley as the Furry Pumpkin

Today's adventure involves a very willing subject... well, kind of. Well, only after I threw the ball 100 times before I put him in full costume.

I decided to take Mr. Bentley to the park so we could do his Halloween photo shoot. He's usually very willing to wear clothes, except when it involves something being on his head. So in order for him to cooperate nicely with me, I had to play fetch a few dozen times with his favorite red ball. We've had this ball since the 1st day we brought Bentley home - my 21st birthday - 6/2/2002.

The little munchkin was only 1.5 lbs of fluff!

On location at Spotts Park

'I can't look... Oh, I hate wearing hats'

'Hmm... that wasn't so bad'

'I'm running crooked because I can't see!'


'OK, how long do I have to wear this for?'

'I give up, I'll wear it...'

Big smile

Playing with Papa

'OK... this just isn't fair anymore.'

The look of love

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