Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recipe #1: Winner Winner Drumstick Dinner

Today's adventure involves some sweet & salty & a wee bit spicy drums.

Hubs has taken the dubious duty of naming all of my recipes. Sidenote - I am also trying to read through our camera's instruction manual and even though at times it makes me want to claw my own eyes out, basics are for beginners and here I am. The 1st pic below I took 10 times, and this was the only good one... I guess practice makes perfect. Sidenote(2) I clearly recall when I begged my parents for my first guitar, being so excited to bring it home and plug it into my new & shiny Peavy amp... and not having any idea where or how to get started. It's that feeling all over again of learning something new, and it's a love and hate relationship - a tug of war of YAY I can do it and FML I can't.

Recipe #1: Winnner Winner Drumstick Dinner

My starting lineup:

disclaimer - I usually eyeball this
- 1 tsp Sriracha (kick it up a notch if you're not a spicy weakling like me)
- 2 tsp sesame oil
- 3 tsp ketchup
- 1/2c honey
- 1/4c lite syrup
- 2 Tbsp kung pao sauce (or hoison)
- 1/2c lite soy sauce
- 6-8 drumsticks

Skin the chickens & cut off the fat (hey, every bit counts), sprinkle some (mostly) garlic powder, (some) pepper, and very limited lite salt (if any) on the drums beforehand. Whisk all of the ingredients in a bowl until well mixed, pour on the sauce and let marinate (optional) for 30 min- 1 hour in the fridge (covered) in a 13X9 pan.

Bake time: 375 degrees for 1 hour, covered in foil w/ventilation so the chicken can breathe

Can you guess which portion is his and mine?

Utilize the sauce leftovers in the pan for some classic tasting Asian gravy (as I like to call it) & rice. "Rice, rice, gravy (to-go, to-go)."


  1. looks so good!! Except that ya forgot to mix some green sauce!!

  2. yum!!! i gotta try this at my ay pee tee