Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Admiral - Open House Event

Today's adventure involves taking a day trip back to my roots in Clear Lake to photograph a lovely open house.

Being at events like this makes me realize how much fun it was to plan our most important day! The event was bustling with plenty of wide-eyed couples, brides and their maids, and mom + daughter teams all hopeful of finding the perfect venue for the day they will remember forever. The love was in the air, the drinks were flowing, and just thinking about that mashed potato bar makes my mouth water...

Monday, November 16, 2009

The City of Lost Wages (Las Vegas 10.09)

Today's 2nd adventure involves me having the swine flu in Sin City!

Can you tell how long these blogs are overdue? I'm determined to get caught up today! We spent a lovely weekend in Vegas for a dear friend's birthday, and despite my self-diagnosed swine flu, we had lots of fun :) Besides eating a buffet for nearly every meal and sleep depriving ourselves in a penthouse packed with 15 of our closest friends, it was a fantastic photo opportunity.

View from our penthouse

The city that never sleeps

I saw Holly Madison walking her dog at Planet Hollywood.. and I chickened out of asking for a photo :(

View of our hotel, the Bellagio

Everyone's a photog now... glad I have friends to practice with

Fountain by night

Fountain by day

When no one was looking, we took this home as a souvenier :)

Hanging out at the mini Bellagio

I need to broaden my knowledge of flowers... anyone know what these are called?

Anyone who's been to Vegas knows where this is... do you?

The Venetian ceiling... Da Vinci said he would come back to life to paint our ceilings for our next house

Couldn't miss this opportunity to snap this picture... I love and miss u guys!

Leisurely gondola ride

Inside or outside?

Uh oh...

On a sidenote, we saw a homeless fellow shamelessly scooping up all of the change from the Caesar's fountain. He took all of those people's well wishes out of the fountain ... then hurried off to try his luck at a casino. Maybe those people's wishes will turn into fortunes! Now that's someone with ambition if you ask me!

Bentley as the Furry Pumpkin

Today's adventure involves a very willing subject... well, kind of. Well, only after I threw the ball 100 times before I put him in full costume.

I decided to take Mr. Bentley to the park so we could do his Halloween photo shoot. He's usually very willing to wear clothes, except when it involves something being on his head. So in order for him to cooperate nicely with me, I had to play fetch a few dozen times with his favorite red ball. We've had this ball since the 1st day we brought Bentley home - my 21st birthday - 6/2/2002.

The little munchkin was only 1.5 lbs of fluff!

On location at Spotts Park

'I can't look... Oh, I hate wearing hats'

'Hmm... that wasn't so bad'

'I'm running crooked because I can't see!'


'OK, how long do I have to wear this for?'

'I give up, I'll wear it...'

Big smile

Playing with Papa

'OK... this just isn't fair anymore.'

The look of love

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun with the fluffy one

Today's adventure involves some fun photos with our old man, Bentley.

He was surprisingly pretty calm in these shots... usually when the camera lens gets too close to him, he'll flinch or move out of the way (probably because the camera is almost as big as he is). Then when it clicks or flashes, he flinches again. I imagine it is something like the dreaded air puff machine at the optometrist's office...

Sleepy time:

Pretty at the park:

Big smile:

Big kiss:

Sabine St. Bridge:

Nice mohawk:

Morning or evening? You decide:

We are probably going to take a small break from any Bentley pics since he needs a bath first... he's starting to turn a dark shade of eggshell. I did get his annual Halloween costume already though - so I can't wait for his trick or treat photo shoot soon!